Saturday, February 20, 2016

Very strong sentiments to new county buildings were expressed by respondents on the recent Clearwater County Taxpayers’ Association’s Taxpayer Survey.  (95% were strongly opposed to the new administration building, 92% opposed a new ag. services building and 88% opposed the new ag. events building/arena.  Respondents also opposed increasing the number of Community Police Officers where 62% said this was not important at all.
Favorable responses to spending were given to bridge maintenance where 100% indicated this was of importance ( 25% suggested very important, 75% suggested important).  As well, 89% supported increasing senior funding with 43% saying it was very important and 46% saying it was important.
As for tax rates, 77% felt current rates should be frozen (with comments suggesting they even be lowered).  A small number (23%) responded that a small increase of 1-2% was acceptable.  No one approved of a moderate increase of 3-5%.
The top five most frequently expressed comments were to reduce/freeze taxes; cut administration costs/bureaucracy; control over-spending; get out of real estate/land development; and stop the spending in Nordegg.
A complete summary of the results and comments was presented to council at their Open House on Thursday, February 18, 2016.  It is hoped that the opinions/comments expressed by the residents of this county will be deemed credible and that council will up-hold their mandate of representing the people in a democratically responsible manner. 

If you would like a complete summary of survey results kindly call Marianne at (403) 729-2493 or e-mail