Wednesday, September 20, 2017


 How can the taxpayer afford the north development wish list?

 Should this county be involved as a land developer?

 What new initiatives would you bring forward?

 How do you feel that better internet service should be provided?

 What do you want the county to look like in the next 4 years?

Come to hear the answers from the county council candidates at the


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Sponsored by the Clearwater County Taxpayers’ Assoc…”Working for the common good.”

Election Candidates Declared

The Official Candidates for the up-coming civic elections in Clearwater County have been declared and are as follows:

Division One:    Jim Duncan (Acclaimed, incumbent)

Division Two:    Cammie Laird
                           Dick Wymenga
                           Kyle Greenwood (incumbent)

Division Three:  Curt Maki (incumbent)
                           Daryl Lougheed
                           Megan Jeffery

Division Four:   John Vandermeer (Acclaimed, incumbent)

Division Five:    Andrea Garnier Spongberg
                           Bob Bryant
                           Theresa Laing (incumbent)

Division Six:      Diana Spencer
                           Timothy Hoven
                           Lorissa Nafziger

Division Seven: Pat Alexander (incumbent, Reeve)
                           Michelle Swanson

We encourage you to express your concerns to any of the candidates, attend any one of the Candidates’ Forums and above all GO OUT TO VOTE ON OCTOBER 16, 2017.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


1. Councillor Remuneration This was certainly a hot item on Facebook and along coffee row following an article in The Mountaineer on Wednesday, August 30, 2017. Thanks to an inadvertent “mistake” we received a copy of an “in camera” agenda item to be discussed by Council on Tuesday, August 22, namely councillor remuneration.
According to the agenda package information the proposed increases would take effect on January 1, 2018. The following charts give information on the current and proposed rates.
(Note: I have tried to copy and paste the charts but am sending them as an attachment and would like you to just put in the two charts---the 2017 rates and the proposed rates.)
In doing further research on councillor remuneration for Clearwater County and the six jurisdictions that border us, I found the average total compensation for our councillors and reeve is the SECOND LOWEST($36, 828 and $51, 653 respectively). The lowest is Ponoka County at a total compensation average for councillors at $36, 235 and reeve at $41, 910. The highest for councillors is Lacombe at $70, 014 and for reeve the highest is Red Deer at $86, 277. (Figures taken from the respective 2016 audited financial statements.)
In order for our council to reach average they would need about a 45% increase.
Note: From a phone call to Municipal Affairs I found out that this topic should be discussed in open council rather than in camera. It is, potentially, going to be discussed again at Council’s September 12th meeting.

2. North Area Structure Plan Discussion on the North Area Structure Plan has been stalled due to scheduling problems between the town and county. It appears that issues with the town’s sewage lagoon and general infrastructure servicing may also have an impact on future development there. Complete details on remedial requirements/costs for the lagoon are certainly necessary before plans with further development can proceed.

3. Ag. Rec. Facility There is no new information on this issue at this time. There have been two great Letters to the Editor in The Mountaineer (August 16 and August 23) on this matter with differing opinions. Interestingly there is a meeting at Cheap Charlie’s, at the Rodeo Grounds, on Tuesday, September 19 at 7:00PM. This “facilitated” meeting is being organized by the town in response to their earlier recreation survey. Various stakeholders and the general public are invited to attend. Whether the topic of specifically the Ag. Rec. facility is brought forward at that time remains to be seen.

4. Municipal Elections The Municipal Elections are just around the corner on Monday, October 16, 2017. Candidates will be filing their nomination papers on Monday, September 18 so as of now we don’t have a confirmed list of candidates. Those who have already publicly declared their candidacy are Cammie Laird, Division 2 (Incumbent Kyle Greenwood); and Angela Spongberg, Division 5 (Incumbent Theresa Laing). Councillor Earl Graham has stated he will NOT be seeking re-election in Division 6.

ROSES This month’s bouquet of roses goes out to all the members of the Rocky Mtn. Pro Chuckwagon Association and the volunteers who worked diligently to run the very successful Battle of the Rockies and WPCA Finals August 17-20. Not only did they provide super entertainment for the fans who completely filled the stands, but they also provided excellent financial opportunities for the community groups who benefitted from the 50-50 ticket sales along with the businesses who certainly appreciated the extra income this event generated. Huge kudos to all workers involved and to the fans who supported them.

RANT This really isn’t a rant---just a very serious encouragement to everyone to become informed and involved in the up-coming municipal elections. The results of this election, the people that we as Clearwater County residents elect, will determine how our tax dollars are spent for the next 4 years. I encourage everyone to find out what the opinions and priorities are for each candidate in your area. Give them your opinion on how you feel this county should be governed. Attend the candidates’ forums that are organized, and above all, GO OUT TO VOTE.

Coming Events: Thursday, September 14, 7:30PM, Leslieville Elks’ Hall, Regular CCTA meeting
Thursday, September 28 7:00PM, Leslieville Elks’ Hall, Candidates’ Forum
Thursday, October 12, 7:30PM, Leslieville Elks’ Hall, Regular CCTA meeting
Monday, October 16, 2017 MUNICIPAL ELECTION