Friday, March 2, 2018


By Marianne Cole

1. Eckville Arena Request
A letter had been received from the Eckville Arena Operating Association requesting financial assistance with repairing the roof on the major mechanical room of their arena. Included with the letter was a list of figures showing substantial usage of that arena by Clearwater County residents, both youth and adult. Much discussion took place, focussing largely on the implications of funding requests from neighbouring municipalities. In the end the request was denied.

2. Council Compensation Committee Appointments
Members-at-large and past councillor representatives to sit on a remuneration committee were selected. They will have a four month term with a mandate to review councillor and board member compensation for the next three years. Members-at-large include Darryl Park, Lynn Webster, and Dickson Wood while past council reps are Ken Qually and Dick Wymenga.

3. Leslieville/Condor Fire Halls
Council has set April 3rd and 4th, with an alternate of the 5th, for town hall meetings in each community to discuss the future of their fire halls. Each evening will start at 6:30PM with a tour of the facility followed by a meeting at 7:00PM. The dates will be confirmed following confirmation of hall availability and then this will be publicized in the local paper and on the county’s website.

4. Clearwater County Broadband Policy 
Council approved a Broadband Policy which outlines the county’s goals and action in providing better broadband/internet service to our area. Key points of the policy state that the county “will develop an Open Access Network of broadband infrastructure to provide internet accessibility to the majority of county residents and businesses”. The policy further states that “Clearwater County will pursue grants to complete the OAN and leverage partnership opportunities” and the county “will not provide end-user internet services, rather invest in the OAN in an effort to encourage competition from ISP’s” (Internet Service Providers).

5. Village of Caroline Sr. Independent Living Initiative
Mayor John Rimmer of Caroline attended the meeting to outline the need for, and possible action on, developing increased senior housing for the southern portion of the county. After excellent discussion Council directed Administration to draft a letter of support for this initiative.

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