Friday, March 8, 2019


Partnership with Wild Rose School Division
At their February 26th council meeting County Council “passed a resolution indicating its support for the Leslieville School enhancement projects, requesting that the community indicate its priorities for capital upgrades, and that the County will match community fundraising for projects that will increase the functionality of the potential new Leslieville School.” (Quoted from County Council Meeting highlights.)

Subsequent to that Councillors Laird, Laing, Hoven, Lougheed and Swanson, along with CAO Rick Emmons, attended a meeting of the Friends of the Corridor Schools” in Condor on February 27th. It was great to see the support and enthusiasm for the proposed changes to Condor and the building of a new high school at Leslieville.

The Friends of the Corridor Schools is a newly formed board of enthusiastic parents, staff, and community members who are focused on raising additional $$$ to enhance the provincial funding allotted for the changes. All school funding follows specific (somewhat minimal) formulae based on student population. Should the community want any additional features (i.e. larger gym with a stage), these items must be covered by fund raising. Consequently the committee is working on developing plans and a budget for the enhancements that the community would like.

Community input is certainly welcome for both project plans and fund raising ideas. Please contact either Leslieville or Condor schools or Wildrose School Division for further information.

Economic Development Strategy 
For the last year the County has been working diligently to gather information and develop a strategy that would promote economic development in the area. Surveys have been conducted, a working group of local business owners have been involved, and a consultant was hired to assess the county’s “readiness” for attracting business/encouraging economic growth. Throughout these efforts the following 4 strategic areas of focus, with accompanying possible plans of action, were developed: (Note: For a more complete set of plans of action check out the agenda package for the February 26th council meeting on the County’s website.)

* Prepare for business. Action: Have suitable land available, work to improve broadband service, create an Economic Development website, encourage tourism, and assess the available skilled labor force.

* Prepare for people growth. Action: Assess the opportunities for residential needs, the area’s cost of living, current population skill sets, and opportunities for education/skill development.

* Promote opportunities. Action: Survey businesses to identify needed services.

* Foster a Culture of Growth. Action: Do research and engage the community in order to develop a plan that would boost the area’s reputation as a great place to live, invest, and do business.

Clearwater County Regional Wastewater System Briefing
This issue was discussed at a special Strategic Planning meeting on February 25th. History indicates that in October 2013 Clearwater County entered into a 10 year agreement with the town that would allow county residents and businesses to dump their septage into the town’s lagoon in return for the county’s $2.1 million contribution to lagoon upgrades.

Approximately 3 years ago it came to light that there were issues with lethality tests on effluent flowing from the lagoon into the North Saskatchewan River. Since then the town has been researching options to correct that problem.

In December 2018 MPE Engineering submitted a "Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade Feasibility Study” to the town. This study, however gave no consideration to the County’s four hamlets (Condor, Withrow, Leslieville, and Alhambra); BUT, because the county uses the town’s lagoon at a rate of @20% of volume, it would be expected to contribute equivalent money to the upgrades (@ $1.4 million).

The county will now be evaluating all past and current (2018) studies as they assess the most efficient and financially beneficial actions to be taken. Complete information can be found on the County’s website under “meetings and Agendas”, Strategic Planning Committee, February 25, 2019.

Smiles for St. Patrick’s Day:
Why don’t you borrow $$$ from a leprechaun? Because they’re always a little short. 

How can you tell if an Irishman is having a good time? He’s Dublin over with laughter.

What is out on the lawn or deck all summer and is Irish? Paddy O’Furniture. 

Why can’t you iron a four leaf clover? Because you shouldn’t press your luck. 

Up-Coming Meetings:
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