Saturday, June 13, 2015


Presentations to Councils
Presentations have been recently made to both Rocky Town Council and Clearwater County Council by two separate groups questioning, among other things, their fiscal responsibility.  Dale Shippelt made the presentation to the town, raising spending questions and even suggesting an audit review. Marianne Cole and Helge Nome made a presentation to the county council and brought up three issues: The Strategic Plan for 2015-2018, Highway Clean-up, and County Finances.  Both presentations received coverage in the Mountaineer with very negative comments expressed towards the presenters. 

A common area of concern is the question of finances/operation of the Rocky Regional Waste Authority.  It seems there is a lot of unnecessary expenditure and a possibility of mismanaged funds which are jointly supported by the town and county.  The group of concerned residents from the town has been communicating with the CCTA due to joint tax dollars being affected in this area.

Of special concern to the county residents is the $58 million in reserves while an 8% tax rate increase on non-residential property was approved by council.

Strategic Plan 2015-2018
A draft plan has been developed and public input is being sought.  A copy is available on line, but as it is a 41 page document so it may be easier to get a copy at the county office.  It is really important that we give our input now as the opportunity for general public input into the draft was not given. This document sets the direction for operating/spending for the next three years.  Written submissions have to be in by June 18 and there are public open houses in Rocky at the county office on June 16 from 4:00PM – 8:00PM and in Caroline at the Caroline Community Hub on June 18, also from 4:00PM – 8:00PM.

Highway Clean-up
The CCTA was refused the opportunity to earn $600.00 by doing a portion of county road clean-up under the judgement that we are a “political/special interest” group.  Attempts were made to explain our mandate to work for the benefit of all taxpayers, and that we be allowed to participate in the project, but we were unsuccessful.  The matter was brought to council at our presentation on May 26 with the result that county policy on the issue will be reviewed.

ROSES:  Huge bouquets of roses go out to all the volunteers who willingly donate countless hours to ensure the success of the Rocky Rodeo and Pony Chuckwagon races as well as the annual parade.  Their efforts ensure the success of events that provide enjoyment for everyone.

RANT:  The focus of this month’s rant is The Mountaineer.  Following presentations to both town and county councils, editorials and articles were written with very negative slants towards the presenters.  It would seem that The Mountaineer is supportive of any/all financial decisions made by the town/county and those that question those actions are highly criticized.  It’s really unfortunate that citizens who volunteer their time in an effort to ensure everyone’s tax dollar is spent in the most efficient, mutually beneficial manner receive the brunt of harsh criticism.

Coming Events:
June 11, Regular monthly meeting
September 10, Regular monthly meeting
(All meetings at 7:30PM at the Leslieville Elks’ Hall.  Everyone welcome.)