Tuesday, December 19, 2017


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

1. North Nordegg Subdivision Resident Dust Suppression Request 
A letter from area residents in this subdivision was presented to council asking that the two main arteries leading into the area (one on the west and one on the east) receive improved dust suppression. Most recently a product called MG 30 had been applied and this basically turned the road into “snot” when it rained. MG 30 is a water based product mixed with various chemicals such as calcium chloride and/or magnesium hydroxide. Another suggested product, SP90, is oil based, mixed with gravel and packed. This is more costly but has a longer life span and is more “user friendly”. After good discussion council passed a motion to provide dust suppression using the SP90 product.

2. Meeting Procedure By-law Final Draft Approved
The major change here is that the council agenda package will be sent out on the Wednesday prior to council meetings. This gives councillors the much needed time to read through, consult, and research information on topics on the agenda. Previously they had received the agenda on Friday afternoon with meeting on Tuesday morning. Another important change was that there would be more information listed as to the topics to be discussed in camera and that the public attending the meeting when council went in camera would be notified as to when the in camera session was ended. They would then be invited to come back in to the public meeting.

3. Code of Conduct By-Law Final Draft Approved
The main change here was that if there is a complaint related to a council member that complaint would be brought to/addressed by the reeve and deputy reeve instead of the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer).

4. Municipal Governance Training
Various opportunities for councillor training were discussed and a motion was passed that administration look first into organizing the Munis 101 and Sage Analytics workshops with potentially a Parliamentary Procedures workshop at a later date.

5. Invitation to council from MP Jim Eglinski
An invitation to attend a Community Crime Awareness Meeting on December 18, 2017 at 7:00PM at the Caroline Community Hub was received. A motion authorizing council to attend was passed.

6. Council Compensation
Excellent discussion took place on councillor remuneration and the proposed County and Board Remuneration Policy. During the discussion it was noted that currently council remuneration is at the 16th percentile of surrounding jurisdictions. As of January 18th the increase approved at the September 12 council meeting would put compensation at the 25th percentile. It was suggested that remuneration would not need to move above the 40th percentile as compensation is not an initiative driver for council involvement.
Most of the discussion focussed on the establishment of a Council Compensation Committee with the proposal that this be a 5 member committee made up of 2 past councillors and 3 members-at-large. The suggestion was made that councillor compensation be reviewed prior to election so it doesn’t look “self-serving”.

7. MRWSA Report on Rural Homelessness
A very interesting report was given by Gwen MacGregor, Point-In-Time Coordinator, and Cindy Easton, Executive Director of the Mountain Rose Women’s Shelter Association on homelessness in the town of Rocky and Clearwater County. They had conducted a survey in September 2017 with 68 surveys completed. At that time 46 people were “unsheltered” and staying in various forms of accommodation. In the survey the participants were asked what the reasons were for their current situation and what accommodation they had been using. A comparative survey is being planned for May/June. This is a community issue and will need to be addressed through various partnerships.
8. Clearwater Broadband Foundation Public Presentation Jennifer McDougall, Chairman of the Clearwater Broadband Foundation, along with four other members of their board attended to present information about their activities, proposed plans, and a request for funding. Following their presentation the meeting went in camera to discuss, with council, their proposal. The in camera session was intended to protect third party interest.
Following a recess for lunch the council meeting reconvened. The Clearwater Broadband Foundation request for $9.5 million was declined

9. All Hallows Church set to be moved  Council agreed in principle to transferring ownership of the Cheddderville Church to the Community Historical Society of Caroline once the society secures sufficient funds for relocation and land reclamation costs.

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